Una Rams

The most discouraging scenario when dealing with music is when an upcoming artist sends you a single and it is absolutely brilliant you start thinking about his future and all the great things he can achieve because of his talent then that artist just fades away but in the case of Una Rams I don’t see this happening, we will be seeing a lot of him because of his work rate there is only a few artist with such a large body of good quality work and we still call him upcoming.

Musically he is one of South Africa’s best with an EP under his belt, titled ‘Pink Moon’ this release proves this artists diversity and how far his talent extends, his writing abilities gets the message across perfectly, not only does he sing his got bars, already topping charts on several radio stations across the country with the tracks ‘Nobody’ and ‘Testify’ Una is already working on his next project with the  lead single ‘Girls like you’ already building up anticipation one gets this good feeling there is more great music to come.