A young man with dope lyrics and beats, he is not afraid to produce his own sound from scratch, then rhyme and sing to it. He started experimenting with music from a tender age and never looked back. Born Sabinus Akujobi Megwa, II in South Phoenix, AZ, $tory is the second born of three sons from a Nigerian father and South African mother. He showed interest and talent in music from a young age, but couldn’t escape the educational path of life having been raised in a family of academics, so he completed his degree in design from Arizona State University, before giving into the musical jungle. In high school Sab $tory got his first computer, where he started experimenting with digital art and music. “I begged my parents for a laptop for school. What I really wanted it for was to make dope art and cool MySpace backgrounds.” A friend later introduced $tory to the music programming software FL Studio. “I remember the first beat I ever made. I knew that for a beginner it was pretty good; I knew that if I stuck with it, I could be great!” With dreams of being the next “college dropout” $tory locked himself in his room and worked at his craft. Growing up Sab was drawn to artists like Nas, Tupac and Jay-Z for their raw lyrical talents and storytelling abilities.

His aspiration is to grow as a musician in Africa where he seeks to deliver his message of positivity through music, but also because African blood runs through his veins and inspired his journey from childhood when raised by immigrant parents in an American society. He says his moniker is ‘Sab $tory –No Sob Stories’, which simply means that one should write their own life story and not let life write it for them. The LA based artist plans to visit South Africa early in 2017, as part of the mission to promote his latest single ‘Vybe’ which entails Hip-Hop and RnB elements associated with his deep semi-turn-up brand. He is looking forward to possible performances, mingling and featuring local artists.

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