Richard Horne

Richard Rooki Horne is a creative from Cape Town, South Africa. As a creative who is always learning new things and perusing different styles he enjoys working digital as well as traditionally. From using markers & fine liners to using Wacom digital drawing tablets and watercolor paints. Rooki is inspired by skateboarding, street cultures, fashion and music. He is creative who draws ideas from the culture that he is interested in and tries to reflect what he takes in through his art and design. Rooki loves local cultures and ideas and it can be seen in his creations.

He enjoys combining illustration and design at any opportunity he gets. Richard recently graduated from art school and was the winner of the Web printer Creative Awards Competition 2016.

“Going forward I really just want to keep growing as a creative, learn new things and explore more and more”.

Instagram : @richard_rooki
Twitter : @i_am_rooki
Facebook : Rooki Illustration & Design