Minien Hattingh Visual Artist

Minien Hattingh, (b.1992) in Pietersburg, currently resides in Pretoria where she has completed her BA Fine Arts (hons) degree at the University of Pretoria (2014). With a childhood background of psychology babble and a distinct knowledge of the esoteric, her work naturally represents the otherly and unusual.

The themes most commonly expressed in her work range from spirituality, social consciousness, humour entwined with a child-like prospect, but with an edgy flavour.  She likes working with death and the unknown. This and the macabre has been somewhat of an innate interest, since both seem to be misunderstood and feared. Victorian and gothic art also plays a role in what inspires her. Somehow contradictory, there exists a child-like quality in her work maybe because she’s drawn to the innocence, directness and sincerity of children (a child should not be feign).

The working process she follows is mainly based on intuition and finding inspiration in the mundane, it’s the first place to look. When she makes art the first thing she trusts is her gut, it’s not as pragmatic as the brain and not as romanticised as the heart.

Thus far she has had the opportunity to exhibit her work in various galleries spanning from Pretoria to Cape Town . She has been fortunate enough to be chosen for Sasol New Signatures art competition Top 100 in 2014 as well as 2015. A defining moment in her career was her first solo exhibition entitled Invisible mother: Infantilised child at Art Lovers Gallery in April 2015.

In late 2015 she received the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Merit award for Multi and New Media.

Currently, she is a full time Visual Artist represented by State of the Art Gallery in Cape Town as well as The Daville Baillie gallery in Johannesburg South Africa and an associated artist of the Dead Bunny Society.