Imile Wepener

Imile Wepener (b. 1993) is a passionate illustrator. designer and curator. He is creative that loves to play with a more fun style within his own work, often incorporating a sense of narrative. He uses a wide set of traditional mediums for his work, such as gouache and ink and then works into them digitally.  Imile is a graduate of the Open Window Institute, and completed his honours degree in Illustration in 2015. He is currently working as a designer / illustrator at Wideopenplatform, based in Johannesburg. He often does freelance work and commissions in addition to his job and was fortunate enough to have won Best Portfolio at the 2015 Behance Reviews, as well as being a Loeries winner for one of his honours projects. In addition to having his first solo exhibition in 2015 titled ‘Oh Shoot’ at Wolves Cafe in Johannesburg, he has also curated two group illustration exhibitions – namely ‘Fresh Neat’ and ‘Trick or Treat’.

Instagram: @imile_illustrates

Facebook: Imile_Illustrates