Future Music

The South African music industry is going through some change I can even go as far as saying it is evolving, this growth has reached a point where the world is meeting a newer and different Mzansi musician, everyday. Our industry has always been about putting a local twist on popular music genres that we have adopted but not give a South African contribution or perspective to music and giving the world a taste of our musicality. What we have always needed is more experimentation and pushing boundaries opening up the market so there is more consumer choice.

The change in mindset which could be attributed to people especially young people exploring music more wanting to find different ways to express themselves whether it be with clothes, sneakers or a playlist everyone needs to hear, people want more options to explore in order to show off how cool and different their taste is, niche has become a way of life, with people always asking how anything they consume fits in to their lifestyle, so buying more into a way of life then just following trends and the music they choose is part of what gets them going, ‘the feel good factor’ music that affects the emotions.

Enter Trap, future bass, Electronic, Future R&B, Ambient soul to name just a few ways that South African musicians are taking the countries music to new heights, this has also seen South African musicians touring other parts of the world and gaining interest from international labels, and this is just the beginning well that’s how I feel.