Richard Horne – Digital Illustrator

Richard Horne

Richard Rooki Horne is a creative from Cape Town, South Africa. As a creative who is always learning new things and perusing different styles he enjoys working digital as well as traditionally. From using markers & fine liners to using Wacom digital drawing tablets and watercolor paints. Rooki is inspired by skateboarding, street cultures, fashion and music. He is creative who draws ideas from the culture that he is interested in and tries to reflect what he takes in through his art and design. Rooki loves local cultures and ideas and it can be seen in his creations.

He enjoys combining illustration and design at any opportunity he gets. Richard recently graduated from art school and was the winner of the Web printer Creative Awards Competition 2016.

“Going forward I really just want to keep growing as a creative, learn new things and explore more and more”.

Instagram : @richard_rooki
Twitter : @i_am_rooki
Facebook : Rooki Illustration & Design

Ellen Ma – Illustrator And Painter

Ellen Ma

Ellen Ma is a self-taught creative and silly heart living in the Bay Area. Her artwork is centered around creating a feeling, as she is inspired by numerous literature, film, and comics that emotionally impact her on a daily basis.

You can find Ellen on:



Twitter: @artbyellenma


Denys – Illustrator and Web Designer


Denys is an illustrator and web-designer from Odessa, Ukraine. Fond of minimalism and cartoons, so he is trying to transform all inspiration into this form. Having started a career as a designer in 2015 in media marketing company and now he holds the position of Art Director. No matter if it’s a logo, banner, corporate identity or a website, Denys is always trying to put heart and soul in all his projects.

See more of his work on Instagram: @denys_el

Tanateasami – Illustrator and Graphic Designer


Tanateasami is a graphic designer in Tokyo, Japan. She does Ads and Website design for a cosmetic brand.

Tanateasami likes drawing about boys and girls, fashion, music, movie and the culture of Tokyo. The name of her illustrations is “Tokyo boy meets girl” . When creating her unique designs Tanatesami uses only an iPad and Applepencil by drawing on Instagram works. Tanateasami’s artworks will be exhibited at LemoArt Gallery in Berlin. The show will start next year in February but she has already started preparing for the exhibition now.

“I would like to connect with the world through the illustrations.”

Check out more artworks

Instagram — @tanateasami

My Website —

Imile Wepener – Illustrator, Designer and Curator

Imile Wepener

Imile Wepener (b. 1993) is a passionate illustrator. designer and curator. He is creative that loves to play with a more fun style within his own work, often incorporating a sense of narrative. He uses a wide set of traditional mediums for his work, such as gouache and ink and then works into them digitally.  Imile is a graduate of the Open Window Institute, and completed his honours degree in Illustration in 2015. He is currently working as a designer / illustrator at Wideopenplatform, based in Johannesburg. He often does freelance work and commissions in addition to his job and was fortunate enough to have won Best Portfolio at the 2015 Behance Reviews, as well as being a Loeries winner for one of his honours projects. In addition to having his first solo exhibition in 2015 titled ‘Oh Shoot’ at Wolves Cafe in Johannesburg, he has also curated two group illustration exhibitions – namely ‘Fresh Neat’ and ‘Trick or Treat’.

Instagram: @imile_illustrates

Facebook: Imile_Illustrates



Tobe Fonseca – Illustrator and Creator

Tobe Fonseca

I’m Tobe Fonseca, a bearded illustrator and creator that lives in the south of Brazil, in a small village in the middle of nowhere. I love nature, travel and animals and I try to show it in my work. I usually go for a minimalistic art and sometimes with more complex patterns, mixing up collage and illustrations.

I’ve been working with big names in the apparel world such Threadless, GAP, Urban Outfitters, Society6 and many others. My ultimate goal is to become a studio and I hope it will happen soon.

To find out more about this talented artist check out his interview:,Tobias-Fonseca-T-Shirt-Designer-Graphic-Designer-Illustrator-Interview