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Richard Horne Richard Rooki Horne is a creative from Cape Town, South Africa. As a creative who is always learning new things and perusing different styles he enjoys working digital as well as traditionally. From using markers & fine liners to using Wacom digital drawing tablets and watercolor paints. Rooki is inspired by skateboarding, street … Continue reading “Richard Horne – Digital Illustrator”Richard Horne Richard Rooki Horne is a creative from Cape Town, South Africa. As a creative who is always learning new things and perusing different styles he enjoys working digital as well as traditionally. From using markers & fine liners to using Wacom digital drawing tablets and watercolor paints. Rooki is inspired by skateboarding, street … Continue reading “Richard Horne – Digital Illustrator”

Una Rams

Born March 7th, 1996, as Unarine Rambani. Una hails from Makwarela, a small town in the Thohoyandou region, in Limpopo,South Africa. He can play both the piano and drums. He is currently based in Pretoria, furthering his studies and music. His stage name Una Rams is shortened version of both his rst and last name.

Una Rams is a young,independent producer/singer/rapper or if you may, a sonic artist. Una was born into a Christian family and his parents
established a church in the early years of his life, allowing him to take on learning the drums and the piano, which lay a foundation for his production abilities. His sound could be described as a hybrid of various genres beautifully meshed together, with his lyrics & delivery set to stir up emotions. Una has not only managed to get airplay on various radio stations nationwide, but he’s topped a couple of charts with his singles I Love You, Nobody and Testify. His EP, PINK MOON shows his unique sound, range as well as his ability to morph his voice to suite dierent sounds.


A C C O L A D E S & A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S

C U R R E N T L Y  P L A Y L I S T E D  O N:

– YFM ( Madibaz Radio

– Madibaz Radio (

– Eastcoast Radio (

– UJFM(University of Johannesburg) (

– GTFM (Greater Tzaneen) (


– SOUHT, a single of his debut project PINK MOON peaked at no.3 on YFM’s Hot99 Dubstep chart.

– I Love You & Nobody, both singles from his PINK MOON project also peaked at no. 1 on YFM’s Hot99 Breaking And Entering chart

– Nobody peaked at no.1 YFM’s Tha Bomb chart

– Testify peaked at no.1 on YFM’s Urban Top 40 chart

– PINK MOON was selected album of the month in May on YoMzansi (one of South Africa’s most notable blogs)






Una Rams






Una Rams


100 subscribers & 10k views (all content)


Una Rams

500 followers & 45k plays (all content)

Future Music

Future Music

The South African music industry is going through some change I can even go as far as saying it is evolving, this growth has reached a point where the world is meeting a newer and different Mzansi musician, everyday. Our industry has always been about putting a local twist on popular music genres that we have adopted but not give a South African contribution or perspective to music and giving the world a taste of our musicality. What we have always needed is more experimentation and pushing boundaries opening up the market so there is more consumer choice.

The change in mindset which could be attributed to people especially young people exploring music more wanting to find different ways to express themselves whether it be with clothes, sneakers or a playlist everyone needs to hear, people want more options to explore in order to show off how cool and different their taste is, niche has become a way of life, with people always asking how anything they consume fits in to their lifestyle, so buying more into a way of life then just following trends and the music they choose is part of what gets them going, ‘the feel good factor’ music that affects the emotions.

Enter Trap, future bass, Electronic, Future R&B, Ambient soul to name just a few ways that South African musicians are taking the countries music to new heights, this has also seen South African musicians touring other parts of the world and gaining interest from international labels, and this is just the beginning well that’s how I feel.

Una Rams

Una Rams

The most discouraging scenario when dealing with music is when an upcoming artist sends you a single and it is absolutely brilliant you start thinking about his future and all the great things he can achieve because of his talent then that artist just fades away but in the case of Una Rams I don’t see this happening, we will be seeing a lot of him because of his work rate there is only a few artist with such a large body of good quality work and we still call him upcoming.

Musically he is one of South Africa’s best with an EP under his belt, titled ‘Pink Moon’ this release proves this artists diversity and how far his talent extends, his writing abilities gets the message across perfectly, not only does he sing his got bars, already topping charts on several radio stations across the country with the tracks ‘Nobody’ and ‘Testify’ Una is already working on his next project with the  lead single ‘Girls like you’ already building up anticipation one gets this good feeling there is more great music to come.

What The Worlds Been Waiting For

The Unofficially #1 Playlist

We at constructive would like to introduce and welcome the Unofficially number 1 series where we find you the best and latest music locally and from around the globe. This will include genres you already love and enjoy to also helping you discover new music, artists and also create a playlist of music you still getting your head around, well this playlist is for the music lover and for the person who wants to keep finding the good tunes.


Skye Leigh Hendey – Illustrator and Designer

Skye Leigh Hendey – Illustrator and Designer

Skye Leigh Hendey was born and raised in Pretoria but currently resides in Johannesburg. She is a creative that loves distorting and changing ordinary objects and its obvious to see that she loves what she does. Skye is a graduate of the Open Window Institution and majored in illustration. She has always made art and design her true focus throughout her life, and continues to do so. She is currently an Animator and Designer at Studio Zoo, based in Johannesburg.

She often does freelance work over and above her job and still enjoys illustrating and this year was fortunate enough to be a Loeries finalist. The Loeries recognise creativity and innovation and this shows that Skye’s designs have them both. The unique illustration style Skye has makes us believe that she is going to go far in her career.


Minien Hattingh – Visual Artist

Minien Hattingh Visual Artist

Minien Hattingh, (b.1992) in Pietersburg, currently resides in Pretoria where she has completed her BA Fine Arts (hons) degree at the University of Pretoria (2014). With a childhood background of psychology babble and a distinct knowledge of the esoteric, her work naturally represents the otherly and unusual.

The themes most commonly expressed in her work range from spirituality, social consciousness, humour entwined with a child-like prospect, but with an edgy flavour.  She likes working with death and the unknown. This and the macabre has been somewhat of an innate interest, since both seem to be misunderstood and feared. Victorian and gothic art also plays a role in what inspires her. Somehow contradictory, there exists a child-like quality in her work maybe because she’s drawn to the innocence, directness and sincerity of children (a child should not be feign).

The working process she follows is mainly based on intuition and finding inspiration in the mundane, it’s the first place to look. When she makes art the first thing she trusts is her gut, it’s not as pragmatic as the brain and not as romanticised as the heart.

Thus far she has had the opportunity to exhibit her work in various galleries spanning from Pretoria to Cape Town . She has been fortunate enough to be chosen for Sasol New Signatures art competition Top 100 in 2014 as well as 2015. A defining moment in her career was her first solo exhibition entitled Invisible mother: Infantilised child at Art Lovers Gallery in April 2015.

In late 2015 she received the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Merit award for Multi and New Media.

Currently, she is a full time Visual Artist represented by State of the Art Gallery in Cape Town as well as The Daville Baillie gallery in Johannesburg South Africa and an associated artist of the Dead Bunny Society.


Alu Ravele – Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Alu Ravele – Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Alu Ravele is a 16 year old, self-taught Illustrator/Graphics Designer from Makwarela, Limpopo, South Africa. He is currently practising Visual Arts and Business Studies at Tshikevha Christian School and also the founder of an upcoming clothing brand called ‘HypedUpApparel'(H.Y.P), that have a lot of artists all around the world, each with his/her style.

His art is sparked by passion and creativity. The South African art scene is growing rapidly and to be recognised one needs to stand out.

“We were designed by God not to blend in, but to stand out and that’s where we ‘artists’ come in.” says Alu. “Being an artist does not mean being able to draw or illustrate, you have to own your art by drawing or painting in your own way. My advice to my fellow youths is if you are in High School or College and you are planning your career, do not do what people say will make you wealthy. Do what you were born to do, because that is where you will make money.”

Alu is a very talented young artist and we foresee him going far in his career as a South African Illustrator and Designer. You can find Alu at the following social media handles:

Instagram handle(s): @Alu_ravele / @Artmosphere_sa

Facebook: Alu Ravele /

Twitter: @Alu_Ravele