Alu Ravele – Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Alu Ravele is a 16 year old, self-taught Illustrator/Graphics Designer from Makwarela, Limpopo, South Africa. He is currently practising Visual Arts and Business Studies at Tshikevha Christian School and also the founder of an upcoming clothing brand called ‘HypedUpApparel'(H.Y.P), that have a lot of artists all around the world, each with his/her style.

His art is sparked by passion and creativity. The South African art scene is growing rapidly and to be recognised one needs to stand out.

“We were designed by God not to blend in, but to stand out and that’s where we ‘artists’ come in.” says Alu. “Being an artist does not mean being able to draw or illustrate, you have to own your art by drawing or painting in your own way. My advice to my fellow youths is if you are in High School or College and you are planning your career, do not do what people say will make you wealthy. Do what you were born to do, because that is where you will make money.”

Alu is a very talented young artist and we foresee him going far in his career as a South African Illustrator and Designer. You can find Alu at the following social media handles:

Instagram handle(s): @Alu_ravele / @Artmosphere_sa

Facebook: Alu Ravele /

Twitter: @Alu_Ravele